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Blue Wall

Summary of Services

We are an emergency preparedness and school safety firm that provides everything from consulting to full scale services to make your schools/district better prepared to respond to incidents. Unfortunately, incidents are happening almost daily, and we have seen many schools and districts are un-prepared to respond to incidents. In addition, some schools and districts have educators or administrators that do their best to provide emergency management trainings in the middle of PD days that are meant for school educational purposes. In the end, the minimum is done to be better prepared for emergencies or just "going through the motions" of yearly required exercises like fire drills, etc. 

Our Firm will develop and provide a consistent standard of emergency operations, work with your teams to better train school security, help establish your emergency teams to respond effectively, and provide a training program designed to fit your needs. The goal to meet is for every school or district we work with to be better prepared and mitigate successfully the various emergencies that occur.

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