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Playground Hills

Firm Work

Milestones of the work completed based on California law- Education Code Section 38001.5

District Emergency Operations Manual: Developed/Approved by district Board of Trustees. Collaboration with numerous safety/cabinet committees including Union leaders. 

Established District Emergency Operations Center (DEOC):  Full 26 seat team DEOC that supports the School Site Incident Command (SSIC) during emergency events. The DEOC also provides special event monitoring such as graduations/promotions or sporting events.

Implemented District Security/Safety Officers (SSO): District Employees trained consistently across the District for response to a wide variance of incidents such as:  
- medical emergencies     
- first aid/CPR/AED     
- Narcan administration
- special event security
- minor fire suppression
- physical interventions                 
- restraint/release
- crisis response

In addition to response, SSO's extensively trained in the following:
- de-escalation
- cultural considerations
- report writing
- evidence collection

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