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Full Emergency Plan and Annex Training

Full Plan Development that Includes Training and Exercises with School/District Teams

  • 99 hr 59 min
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Schools and districts have basic flip charts and policies for their emergency plans. These are not enough to respond to daily incidents or multiple emergencies that can happen on school campuses. Flip charts are for initial responses to basic incidents and policies are the reactive approach to incidents that have already happened. We will provide you a full manual that applies to your school/district, while having all the components for multiple events management or single incidents, all annexes to implement resources such as triage in multiple casualty incidents, reunification plans when students or staff need to be reunified with family, School Site Incident Command and District Emergency Operations Incident Command structure/process, and provide the full SEMS/ICS training that follows after a plan is written. In addition, we will train and exercise with your security/campus supervisors in best practices that will increase awareness and response to multiple incident situations. We will also provide connections with your local first responder agencies and resources to tour campuses for assessments and work collaboratively with state and federal resources to help your school or district in providing a safe campus. Essentially, we will be with you to train with you throughout this process to develop and implement an emergency operations plan and annexes while training your school or district personnel to respond to emergency incidents when they occur. This will be approximately a 7-9 MONTH PROCESS (Dependent on policies to present to school boards of various plans and obtain approvals on consent agendas, etc.)

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1307 Kenneth St, Seaside, CA 93955, USA

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